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About the Hostel Team

After some years travelling herself, Christine set up the Hostel in 2007. Her family has since grown with her partner Vojta and their two children, Toby and Eliska, living on the premises. Christine's father Tosh (supposedly retired) also regularly works at the hostel and spins the yarns (spends plenty time chatting) with our guests when he's not stuck in the laundry. As a family venture Christine's extended family also help out along with our team of volunteers from around the world.

About the Hostel Building

Almost 200 years old, the building maintains many of its period features including the staircase, ballustrades, victorian era fireplaces, skirting and architraves.  Though many aspects of the building have been upgraded and modernised to make your stay more comfortable you will still be very aware of the history of the building.

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